Cloud in a DAW

The Cloud Browser Plugin allows you to open a portal to and from within your DAW or production environment. From long mixes to speeches, samples to beats, hits and stabs, or loops; you can find whatever audio you need with a few quick searches.

You can download just as easily – simply drag-n-drop files from the cloud into your production environment, or the other way (uploading to you SoundCloud account has never been easier). This plugin is the best workflow improvement out there!

Download the free, 30 day trial below, or buy the full version here

Download for mac
Download for Windows

Add a Turntable to your DAW!

Add a turntable to your DAW with this simple plugin. Supports every type of timecoded vinyl on the market, let’s you scratch tracks, samples, and even live input.

Download the free, 30 day trial below, or get the full version here

Download for mac
Download for Windows

Touchscreen Support!

Ever wanted to be able to the audio waveform and toss it around? Put your fingers on an XY effect and a loop roll effect at the same time? Control the effects chain with both hands? Me too!

So when the new windows 8 touchscreens started to hit the market this spring, I was first in line. Work began, and now we’re happy to announce full support for Windows 8 touchscreens. You can play samples and loops, alter the sequencer, play the keyboard, tweak the parameters of any our custom effects or any VST or AU plugin chains; all in real time and with all 10 fingers. This is music you can touch, and an experience like no other.

Stay tuned for videos and improvements all summer!

The Sequencer Arrives

We’re stepped up our game again to bring you this sequencer, fully integrated with the scenes in Livetronica Studio.

Scene transitions, easier than ever, will soon include bpm morphing in addition to the automatic crossfade.

this means that you can now move seemlessly between loops, samples and tracks, all synced perfectly and controllable in a million ways that you won’t see anywhere else.

New Styling for the New Year!

our new stylin' turntables

What a year we’ve had! Thanks for the 200,000+ downloads and keep it coming! The beta team is roaring with new suggestions and massive things keep coming. And now this – we are styling for the new year.

Whats our quest? Delivering a new way to DJ – we’ve added a grid of sample players that are unparalleled – the only samplers you can play as a drumset and scratch like a turntable.

Still the only DJ product out there to offer immediate and browsing right in from the DAW environment! We offer unlimited content at the touch of a button (just drag and drop sounds from the Cloud onto your turntables).

That plus VST/AU hosting, the most customizable setup in the industry, support for timecoded vinyl, and metadata lookup has made us a rising star in the DJ world and a program that any Dj should be excited to see in action. Check out the free downloads now!

Automating a Scratch

Programming the automation for scratching is something that has eluded the DJ tech community for too long.  Imagine for a moment, and plugin that allows you to program scratches the way you make beats, by automating parameters – tweaking until you get the perfect scratch.  Imagine a library of scratch automations that can be triggered with the touch of a button; or bringing in a top notch DJ and recording their scratches as automation, then switching out the audio.

Imagine scratching the audio tracks of ableton, or any other DAW, in real time (and without the pesky limitation of not being able to go backwards – as with ableton’s “bridge”).  All of this and more is in progress here at Stagecraft.   Help us bring it to reality by downloading the beta program and sending us feedback!

Vinyl Support Arrives

Joining the ranks of elite professional DJ software, Livetronica Studio now supports timecoded Vinyl – specifically Traktor, Torq, and Ms Pinky formats (no Serato support yet). We still have one of the only DJ software out there that gives you quantizable freq shifts (up to 4 octaves), bpm shifts (up to +/- 8 times play speed), inset loops, mute stuttering, up to 64 scratchable sample players and loopers, and VST/AU plugin support.

LaunchPad Support Arrives!

We’ve started adding control surfaces to the software. First up – Novation’s incredible LaunchPad controller. The LaunchPad is one of the most popular midi controllers of the last few years. If you own one, Livetronica will now find it on startup. The Launchpad can be used to trigger clips and loops, and will light up to show you which loops are loaded and playing. We even got the lights to keep time with the beat. Check out the video for full details.

Features Tour

This video takes you through nearly every aspect of the software, and shows off looping, scratching, Soundcloud integration, midi mapping, turntable effects, and vinyl support. downloadable now available!

A Beat Matching Crossfader

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at SF Music Hackday, and SF MusicTech Conference. One company featured heavily in new music technology is EchoNest – a company devoted to a music metadata API for developers.

Echonest is one of the frontrunners in this new industry. You can use APIs like Echonest’s to quickly look up the metadata for most songs. Within milliseconds you can get and save not just the key, bpm, and duration of a song – but also the exact location of each and every beat, the pitch information at every moment, the overall danceability of the song, and more.

Echonest also has library of “remix” functions that perform a wide variety of impressive transformations – for example, reconstructing the a bit of music without using any of the original material (by finding the most similar bit of sound in some other bit of audio), adding cowbell or changing the beat of a song, as well as constructing my favorite – the infinite james brown machine (which does basically what it sounds like … taking a James Brown song, splicing it up into soundbites, and constructing them in such a way to make an infinitely long song by cutting at just the right spots).

My other favorite (and slightly more useful) remix based program takes two songs with different BPMs and fade from one to another while morphing both songs tempos to match. That is, beat matching two songs at different BPMs while fading from one to another.

Unfortunately, none of the current remix functionality is available in real time (until now).

Shown here is an open source C++ project that uses Echonest data to automatically beat match two pieces of music. The crossfader is an xcode project, and uses several basic, open source, libraries to achieve this. Primarily:

  • Juce – audio engine and UI
  • Echonest – to retrieve beat information
  • jsonCpp – for reading Json data from echonest
  • SoundTouch – for time stretching the audio

You can download the source at: